Bound by Flame

From their castles of ice, the lord-sorcerers of Shadowcold now reign as masters on the continent and crush mercilessly the remnant resistance, of which you belong. When all hope appears to be lost, a demon of flames chooses you as its host. Will you struggle to keep your humanity, or will you be tempted by the demon's power and let it take over?
  • Create and customize a powerful warrior, develop your skills (combat, assassination and fire magic) and call upon the devastating powers of the demon within.
  • Find, create and improve your weapons and armor, and find help from numerous companions to help you fight Shadowdragons, Leeches and the fearsome warriors of Deadarmy in perilous and spectacular real-time battles!
  • 30+ hours of an epic RPG adventure where your decisions effect the storyline and your character's personal appearance.
  • Experience 2 different approaches as you'll fight the demon inside you or use its powers.
  • Unlock and improve your skills through 3 different skill modes: Warrior, Shadow and Fire Wizard.
  • Interact with a rich set of characters including an undead, witch and warrior, who can help you in battles if they support your decisions.
  • Develop special binds with your companions such as romance, friendship or rivalry.
  • Astonishing graphics through the proprietary Silk Engine.
Strong Language
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