Organic Panic

Jump into the shoes of fruit and veggie heroes powered up with enhanced elemental abilities; Cherry controls EARTH, Kiwi controls WATER, Carrots control WATER and Coconut controls GRAVITY. Watch out for the Meat & Cheese cartel, who come armed with a mechanical arsenal of pure destruction! Each map is designed to be fully destructible, letting players create the ideal environment for success, even using the stage itself to destroy enemies. Play cooperatively, versus or by yourself and lead our nutritional national guard to victory!

  • A physics-driven puzzle adventure with hundreds of brain-teasing levels
  • Destructible levels with fully interactive fluids including acid, lava and more
  • Fruit and Veggie organic powers, controlling the elements to build, destroy and dominate
  • Meat and Cheese cronies stocked with a mechanical arsenal that slices AND dices
  • Loads of fun game modes, including Co-op and Versus, for a room full of action
  • A twisted comic book spins the tale of Fruit and Veg versus Meats and Cheese