Pizza Delivery Boy

Once upon a time there were three brothers who each owned a successful pizza business. They all worked extremely hard and had the culinary world at their feet. For a long time everything was wonderful. The money was rolling in and the people loved them. But then the brothers became complacent. Standards dropped and the people grew angry. In their rage the townsfolk stole the brother's secret recipe book and told the troubled trio to get their act together. With the people turned against them the brothers businesses hit the skids and all but one of their famous restaurants were repossessed. After a lot of soul searching, the brothers vowed to win back their restaurants and the trust of the people along with their missing recipes. So they put a help wanted ad in the local paper asking for the best pizza boy in the land. Help the three brothers get their restaurants up and running again by being a great pizza boy!  

  • Use your Wii Remote™ as the ultimate kitchen utensil and driver’s wheel!
  • Collect ingredients to prepare over 150 pizza recipes!
  • Earn money by making deliveries in a fully 3-D world encompassing three bustling towns.
  • Avoid a cast of scoundrels and hazards including hungry hobos, student drivers and oil slicks.
  • Pull off cool moves like bunny hops and 360 degree spin turns!
  • On days off compete in over 35 exciting side missions like street races, destruction competitions and collecting events.
  • Unlock a variety of vehicles, including mopeds, scooters and cars.
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