Sci-Fi Heroes

Become your favorite sci-fi hero! Play for free! Far in the future… or the past… it doesn’t really matter. The point is play as space marines, technomancers, sentient robot beings and more in Sci-Fi Heroes! Face insurmountable odds and take control of these brave sci-fi underdogs to help restore peace and kick some serious evil Space Horde butt.

Features include:

  • Iconic Sci-Fi Heroes: Players can choose from eight unique mercenaries torn from the greatest traditions of Sci-Fi: Space Marine, Animal Trainer, Space Cowboy, Priest, Id Master, Exxo, Healbot and Technomancer.
  • Build the Ultimate Team of Heroes: Combining and controlling up to four characters at a time, players can test out different team combinations to find their perfect crew.
  • Futuristic Weapons and Pets: With more than 100 distinctive items, players can utilize laser swords, iconic blasters and even a pet tiger. Level up and learn new skills to help take on sinister foes.
  • Battle Bullying Bosses: Players and their ragtag group of fighters need to stay on their toes to figure out a way to beat increasingly difficult and menacing Horde bosses.
  • Lots of Levels, Even More Loot: Maneuvering through more than 40 levels, including battle arenas, players can develop strategies and find rare, powerful items to aid in their mission.
  • Play With Friends: Players can team up with friends in asynchronous Social Raids to get fuel and loot, or share valuable gifts to beef up solo and team battles.