Critically Acclaimed Reimagining of NES Classic comes to mobile platforms


HAZLET, N.J., Nov. 14 — Majesco Entertainment Company today announced that a boy and his blob for iOS and Android is now available for download worldwide. Developed by WayForward Technologies and ported by Abstraction Games, this reimagining of the classic Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) game is available for a new generation of fans on the most popular mobile devices in the world. Fans new and old will be captivated by the beautiful hand-drawn art that creates a standout aesthetic. Nintendo Power called the game “stunning” and “fun,” rating it 8.5 out of 10, and Game Informer awarded the “beautifully designed” game an 8 out of 10, noting it is also “charming and innovative.”


“Since taking Majesco private, a boy and his blob has always been at the top of my priority list,” said Jesse Sutton, Chief Executive Officer of Majesco Entertainment. “I’m thrilled that we were able to bring this fantastic game into the hands of a newer generation of players.”


After the inhabitants of Blobolonia are taken captive by an evil emperor, one blob manages to escape in search of help only to crash on Earth and find a young boy. Together the boy and his new blob friend work as a team to solve 40 levels of challenging side-scrolling adventure featuring hidden treasures, deadly monsters, perilous dangers and boss baddies. Armed with jellybeans, the boy can transform the blob into cool and useful items including classics like the Licorice Ladder, Apple Jack and Tangerine Trampoline and all-new ones such as the Cream Cannon and Bubble Gum Bubble. As the boy and his blob work together on their journey to Blobolonia, players will be enchanted by their heartwarming tale of friendship.


This game marks the second title release since Majesco went private this summer.  It is the first of many exciting product releases scheduled over the upcoming months.  a boy and his blob is rated E for Everyone and is available now for the suggested retail price of $6.99.

Please visit the iTunes App Store or the Google Play Store to download today:

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Great team, great games, great people.…
Congrats @playziggurat on a great release today with @TerminalReality - BloodRayne is looking better than ever.