Agent P DoofenDASH



An Agent’s job is never done. Dr. Doofenshmirtz decides it’s time to get rid of Agent P once and for all! To accomplish this, he unleashes every plot he can think of on the Tri-State Area! Now it’s up to Agent P and his fellow O.W.C.A. Agents to chase down the eccentric evildoer and save the people of Danville! Agent P DoofenDASH is available on all popular mobile phones and tablets. 

  • Run, jump, roll, and dodge as you chase down Dr. Doofenshmirtz 
  • Dash through the Tri-State Area like never before: on the rooftops of Danville, inside Doof HQ, Evil Inc., and in the clouds in an official O.W.C.A. hang glider
  • Battle Dr. Doofenshmirtz in boss battles as he unleashes his latest –inator to stop Agent P
  • Survive Doof’s onslaught or collect gadgets to foil his dastardly plots 
  • Challenge your friends' high scores to become the top O.W.C.A. Agent