Majesco’s newest iOS and Android game, Legends of Loot, takes players on an unlikely quest through mysterious mazes, diabolical puzzles and dangerous traps. Embarking on a hero’s journey the player emerges from humble beginnings to become a mighty adventurer. Along the way, they will discover hoards of gold, rare crystals and ancient artifacts to display in their Treasure Room for all to admire.

In Legends of Loot, players face off against evil dragon overlords that are plaguing the once peaceful realm. Using the powerful weapons, knightly armor and exotic magical items they find, players can vanquish the strange and evil creatures of the realm. Will they save the day and become rich beyond their wildest dreams, or become yet another pile of bones moldering in a dragon’s lair?

  • Advanced Combat: Players can use a variety of touch-screen gestures and the accelerometer to attack, parry, shield or dodge in an exciting, easy-to-use combat mechanic.
  • Test Your Might: Players can put their in-game gold where their mouth is with skill-based challenges that will reap a wealth of treasure!
  • Puzzles Galore: Explore and plunder nearly one hundred mazes spread across the iconic Egyptian, Medieval, Mayan and Asian regions.  Players will need to use their wits to help solve puzzles and lure enemies into fiendish traps.
  • Social Gaming: Players can use the in-game calendar to keep track of their friends’ exploits and for a heads-up on special events!  Using the integrated OpenFeint network, players can also compare high scores and send postcards of their triumphant adventurer striking heroic poses in their Treasure Room to Facebook friends.
  • Suit (of Armor) Up:  Adventurers can find, equip and upgrade a number of impressive weapons, sturdy armor and magical trinkets to ensure that their hero is ready for battle.




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