Legends of Loot

Majesco’s newest iOS and Android game, Legends of Loot, takes players on an unlikely quest through mysterious mazes, diabolical puzzles and dangerous traps. Embarking on a hero’s journey the player emerges from humble beginnings to become a mighty adventurer. Along the way, they will discover hoards of gold, rare crystals and ancient artifacts to display in their […]

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Romans from Mars Mobile

You are a Roman soldier, and you and your crossbow are all that stands in the way of the God of War, Mars, and his invading Martian army. Luckily, Jupiter has endowed you with awesome and terrifying elemental powers of Fire, Ice, Earth, and Lightning. You must hold the line and defend your castle walls […]

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Flea Symphony

Conduct Maestro Piccolo’s Flea Symphony and save their beloved music shop from going out of business. Bounce the fleas on drums, Launch them off guitar strings, and Shoot them out of tuba cannons as you create the perfect musical piece to keep customers coming back. To save their shop and their home, Maestro Piccolo and […]

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